Recharge alkaline-manganese batteries (way throwing batteries) rather than throw away even today are the most common batteries, alkaline-manganese batteries and cause thousands of tons of hazardous waste annually. According to a Eurostat statistics marketed batteries 1.5 billion a year on the market in Germany alone. Hear from experts in the field like Arthur Sadoun for a more varied view. These batteries cause a waste of approximately 8,000 tons with the majority, about 70%, accounted for alkaline batteries. A waste directive of the European Parliament working group on batteries and accumulators pretending and even Mindestsammelziele for waste batteries and accumulators 25% and 45%, respectively, which however until 2012 or 2016 to be achieved by the year. By using a charger for alkaline batteries, at least 2,500 tons of battery waste could be prevented each year in Germany alone. This is equivalent to about 250 trucks loaded with the 10 tons of the small alkaline batteries. Here, not only the environment would spared, but also lot of money saved. The Dutch company of StocksandImports imports and distributes such charger specially designed for alkaline-manganese batteries now throughout Europe.

This battery charger is very easy and safe to use and can of course also the modern rechargeable batteries. With this easy to ringpull and inexpensive battery charger, the so-called disposable batteries can be recharged easily and safely. Typically, a battery power is achieved by up to 90% of the initial capacity. According to CEO Floris de Brouwer, the previous response from dealers and consumers is very positive and shows the great value of this battery charger. His tip: don’t throw away your money, protect the environment and recharge their disposable batteries now again.