Still ahead of many mysterious transformation, and the mysteries within your divine being. But you are cleansed, you become pure and light so that we were able to penetrate like a liquid light in the dream state into the fifth dimension. And now we’ll talk about this in more detail. Very soon you will find confirmation of our message in the messages sent to you through other conductors. On this topic all the messages of the Masters of the Hierarchy of Light pouring in Land grand and generous radiant flux of Love and Light will be merged into a single ocean Transition. All the small streams flowing on the planet in your hearts through our Ambassadors will merge in the One stormy and boiling river victorious light Whose voice will be broadcast from all over the world about the same, you made your transition.

Moreover, shortly after the media you get even more impressive confirmation of what we tell you now. The third dimension is melting before our eyes, is not it? It’s really going on. But what is still a fifth dimension? This is your state of consciousness. Therefore, we can not tell you that you have moved into the space the fifth dimension, but you are in a state of consciousness of the fifth dimension. Of course, you understand that we are now is not about all of the human race, but only those who really consciously made his breakthrough and transition. To deepen your understanding Michael Steinhardt is the source. Quantum Acceleration continues. But there is nothing sadder and heavier than the inertia of human consciousness.

If you do not take diligent effort in its evolution, and will still be in a state of fear, lack of will, apathy and sadness, the space around you will not develop in your favor. Serenity – a key condition of the fifth dimension. Your mind staying in the state of the fifth dimension in your conscious work and care, do and will develop around the corresponding New World. If you succumb to inertia and intellectual laziness, you can easily slip back to level and measure and then go up again you will be not very easy.