The identity of the deceased is not yet known. They were victims of an avalanche of snow and rocks. A hiker found this Sunday the lifeless body of six mountaineers to 2,700 meters of altitude in the pico de Neige Cordier, located in the southeast of France, according to sources of the rescue services cited by the local media. Preliminary investigations indicate that the mountaineers were killed after being dragged in the Saturday afternoon by an avalanche of snow and rocks, as reported by the French daily Le Monde in its online edition. According to the France Info radio station, there was a notice of pursuit of those six people, whose corpses were found by chance in a corridor very steep in the Plate Glacier des Agneaux, within the massif of the Ecrins, a mountainous group of the Alps of the Dauphine. He has not specified yet the identity of those six climbers. Corpses were transported by helicopter to the Township of Villar d Arene, located about five kilometers, in which a chapel was later installed burning. Source of the news: found the bodies of six climbers in the French Alps