The renowned practitioner now also opts for the non-invasive induction therapy with REHATRON alpha. “The famous Academy, which operates a private practice for holistic medicine since 1982 and is highly praised by his patients naturopaths, Sports therapist and lecturer at the Berlin angle, has been working since early July 2012 with REHATRON alpha and is on the one hand stunned: I have to say that I never have seen a therapy device in my years of practice, the such successes are”, Alfons Ohliger said. But on the other hand, I understand the initial scepticism of many colleagues. On the medical and curative therapeutic markets, there are unfortunately many empty promises? Then the bias I then confronted with reports to a form of therapy, which reportedly can be used at virtually any indication, is great of course only once.” Inform, check and then decide: for Alfons Ohliger the step in the right direction. Today, the Berlin health practitioners is the step but glad, to the Non-invasive induction treatment done: I’m healer by vocation and applied holistic medicine is for me the greatest opportunity to work successfully on behalf of the patient. Holistic medicine does against the so-called allopathic medicine to work, but also procedures to use, can, originating either from the medicine of experience, for example from naturopathy, or widely demonstrating that their methodology really works and other than much of what medicine currently as a state-of-the-art”- called is free of side – effects and consequences.

This is the case with REHATRON absolutely. I first checked the written documents and the clinical reviews, then talked to colleagues who work with the procedure, and finally completed a test phase. “And I can only agree with the colleagues: REHATRON is a blessing for the patients and will continue to make its way.