Mesosistema. It is obvious that Bart not only interact in the micro-system such as Maggie, then Bart also interacts on the second level, this is evident as he is looking for acceptance and a group of friends where established, occurs most significantly in the school, which it shares with colleagues, especially with Milhouse, also easily establishes relationships with people far from their family circle. This second system is also conducive to the Bart behavior, like the first level also figures that incite the indiscipline and doing acts not approved by other systems, although in this there are figures who control this type of behaviour prejudicial to the meso-system, one of these authority figures is Principal Skinner, in the same way his behavior is not tested in some cases by other figures in the series. A repertoire of behaviors that involve a comprehensive learning is configured at this level, which contributes to recognition of standards and rules that apply not just to him but to all those who compose this meso-system, here in the same way as proposed it Piaget conceptions moralists are configured, this is represented by the concept of harm, freedominfatuation and many other features that are evident throughout the series. Exosistema: Bart is immersed in a context made up of the city, its inhabitants, the environment, economic family structure that depends on external entities, etc. They are factors that Bart is, in this sense is affected by the behavior of this system, an example is the employment of Homer, in which Bart have nothing to do, but as shown in some chapters affecting directly or indirectly Bart, in the same way that is it becomes evident when, characters such as Moe, Patty, Selma, Barney, Krusty, Chief Gorgori, etc. They perform situations that not only move to Bart if not an entire community, in this system, learning acquires a more dynamic character, this implies that Bart has great difficulties and this lack of success in his academic life, hyperactivity, lack of concentration and decreased development in the areas of logical processing, which encourage its academic gap. Macrosystem in the last plane is culture, and all your systems integrated, it should be noted that culture develops in which Bart Simpson has particular characteristics of the era, such as collective displacements, each labour activity has a single actor, etc.

This system governs it school, the Church, the Government and all institutions that has Springfield, this mode Bart was developed under a system of beliefs and educational methods that did not choose but which must assume its responsibility. References Torrico, l. e., Pappus, S. C., Villas, a. M., Alvares, D and Lopez, j. l. (2002). The ecological model of Bronfenbrenner as theoretical framework of the psicooncologia.

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