48 participating companies enjoyed business networking at one of the major topics to the information security of Munich 09.01.2013 – met in bad Wiessee am Tegernsee again CIO, IT managers, IT professionals from medium-sized companies, large corporations and authorities from all over Germany from 21 to 23 November 2012 and discussed on current threats and trends. An ideal forum to the intense debate on key subjects of information security offered the participants again. Renowned specialists from the industry reported on controversial topics. Legal specialists informed about current jurisdictions and new developments in privacy / data security. While they had the participants opportunities for legally compliant practices. The first day of the Conference had the theme ISO 27000: all topics were discussed extensively by the risk management about IT emergency management up to the ISO audit.

On the second day of the meeting, several SECUTA participants presented special company projects in which security defined specific process objectives in the area of IT planned and implemented have been (including troubleshooting). Another point on the agenda dealt with introduction of SIEM (security information and event management) in practice. The third Conference day devoted to the explosive subject BYOD under the acronym bring your own device this topic in companies rapidly gaining explosiveness. Because more and more employees use their own devices (and in particular tablets and Smartphones from on the way) to carry out official work. Therefore is the topic BYOD is one of the most prominent IT security issues.

Ranging from technical solutions to legal challenges BYOD was screened and discussed at length. At the end of the 11 SECUTA, participants got a legal “training” to defend themselves for IT managers. The IT challenge information security was new this year! The IT-challenge SECUTA practiced team work in a special way: here not only creativity, precision and flexibility of the participants in sensitive security positions have been requested, but also the IT security knowledge on the basis of a total of 45 multiple choice questions tested – a real challenge for the 5 groups of participants.