In the cozy and picturesque interiors quite organically fits into any thing, while retaining all the functionality of interior space for the connection. At the door of the collection THE BEST DeCOR remarkably harmonious design. THE BEST DeCOR – a "home" style. David A. Wagner often says this. A little romantic, very cozy and comfortable, it adjusts to a good time with your family, a quiet and measured life. An important element of the product is glass, that emphasizes the design – dry flowers between two red-hot glass accent the wildlife of the material. Conform to this style and worn stone used in the portal. At first glance it seems that all this Art "negligence" is simple. However, this style requires, firstly, knowledge of special equipment and technology, and secondly, it is more time-consuming, since the operations for manufacturing, all the pictures on the doors are made manual operation of the operation – and ultimately is an art. In such a house comfortable, quiet, and so good to sit by the fireplace with a cup of fragrant tea, forgetting that the outside rushes rough time, covering the city of rain and smog..