Differently in the design to be simply impossible. You can just be an author or creator of the work in the field of poetry, painting and music. That is where the author's creations are only for aesthetic perception. The architecture not only to create works of aesthetic perception. This incidentally explains my aversion to several methods of "licking" of project delivery.

The essence of the project in its correctness and expediency, rather than as a renderer. But now it's irrelevant, and therefore, in speaking of refined authorship in architecture, said that the architect is only the author can not quite. Of course he is a specialist, because it uses the knowledge and skills. And at the same time, he and the author, because it violates these mechanisms is beyond the limits of the system and becoming a timeless. And stay out of time, it can just as much alive his works or references to them. If you remember, until recently there seven wonders of the world, who were known to me since childhood. But I was very discouraged after learning that these wonders of the world simply does not remain the exception of units. And if they were references to the author of these wonders, they have experienced themselves creation, and of course the author himself.

Surprisingly, sometimes the memory more alive than a rock. And vice versa. Automatically start at the same time to think about the constancy or inconstancy of his own works. And how far can respond through time is that was created by you. (Source: Jack Fusco). But back yet to the notion of a "specialist". Although I think you've seen the difference between "professional" and "author". And apparently, this could stop, but at the beginning of this article, I stated that try to be objective in this matter, and now it turns out that the concept of "spetsializm" lit in a somewhat negative light. That certainly is true, but does not meet the holistic perception. A such, is paradoxically, the "author" should not be all. That is why the author is a writer. Imagine, for example, that if they were all writers. Who then would have to work and carry out routine work, which so well carried out by experts. I think in this case, progress would consist only of the theory. Theories about how well it would live, if someone did, what was intended. And so on until the end of time. But fortunately this is not and should not be be. Though, probably, prosperous America is halfway to it and holds and operates only at the expense of visiting exiles. True, start a discussion about it now, I would not want to. Finally summing up his argument by this issue would add the following: Each designer is and "author" and "specialist", and then how much stronger than the other one is expressed in the same condition in which you are now. If you are in the workplace Eating unexpressed your ideas and plans, we listen, surely it is the "author" wants to escape. Or conversely, if you're interested in a measured expectation of the end of the workday, and you to do what you achievements, it is just a "specialist", which sits inside does not want to "tighten" or for what reason. Both of you are, but how would you have signed up with his project "author" or "expert" tell someone who is stronger in you. Want to become a specialist. Are you sure?