Football – that is, a beautiful dream of our childhood! In every yard, children and adults every day chase the ball, trying to knock them the opponent's gate. And of course, at this moment none of them think about how well and appeared developed this game. But each of them has its own soccer hero, whose name often breaks from his lips in the dreams of children and parents bolelschicheskih gusts. Football – (English football – Foot Ball") – a team game, during the which players have to score as many goals in the opponent's goal. The first football organization – Association Football was born in 1863, and the date of its foundation is considered the birth of modern football despite the fact that games like this humanity has played since its inception. Football field sized 90-120 at 45-90 meters, the length of the game – 90 minutes (2 halves of 45 minutes with a break 15 minutes), 11 players and 1 ball – these are the main components of the game of football.

Coating quality, training of players, the loyalty of judges – all this is of paramount importance. But, I want to draw attention to what happens around all the action game – football. Modern soccer ball is spherical, made of leather or synthetics. The ball has a multi-layer structure: cover, inner cover, the camera. Each of these layers performs its functions and allows the ball to be perfect projectile for playing football.

Tire classic ball consists of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons, which are sewn or glued together. Modern balls can be stitched and from other parts of the form. For example, official ball World Cup in 2008 was sewn from the parts that look like small propellers. The classic color tires – black and white, although there are balls and other colors. Lining made of cotton and polyester improve speed characteristics of the ball. Chamber that holds the air is made of latex, butyl, polyurethane. Soccer balls come in 5 sizes: 1, 2 – Balls Souvenir and advertising, 3 – 8 years; 4-8 – 14 years old, 5 – over 14 years. When choosing a soccer ball should take into account the type of site on which you play (there are balls for indoor playgrounds, beach soccer, futsal), the nature of games (balls for training, competition, professional and amateur balls), age players (respectively, the size of the ball). And of course, for a truly comfortable and brilliant game worth remembering correctly pumped the ball (it will help you make a special electronic pressure gauges), the well-chosen sport uniforms and shoes. Beautiful game! Tasha Interest