It thus denies the possibility of playing in another team after the lockout. Although it denies not at all that I could finish the Madrid or Barcelona. It considers that it has options of getting his first NBA ring. International eave Spanish Rudy Fernandez, new player for the Dallas Mavericks, has pointed out with regard to its future, because of the lockout of the NBA, which has a contract with the American team and who won’t be playing anywhere for three months. It is true that it is rumored a lot about the offer from Real Madrid, but I have a contract that I linked to a NBA team and that contract is still there, has tinged the player, who has visited the campus Nike of Andorra. It is true that it is the lockout, but I don’t want to sign with a team for three or four months and then return to United States, he insisted. Rudy Fernandez has pointed out that he arises not play anywhere else by now, but it is possible to go to Real Madrid, just that it is go to Barcelona or any team that gives me a future project; everything is possible in this world.

The Mallorca player has been optimistic about his future in the American League: I think I have chances of winning a ring with Dallas because they are the champions of this year. Rudy Fernandez has revealed that his transfer to Dallas arrived the night of San Juan and knew it by a call from his agent who informed him that Portland was willing to transfer him to the Dallas. At that moment I was surprised because it was the first time that pierced me, but at the same time I was happy that I claimed a team like Dallas. I didn’t expect it, he acknowledged. In how much playing in the ACB has stated: is true that with the NBA lockout they say many things, because no one knows until when will last lockout, although what if it is is true that if it closes for the season I would return to play in Europe. He has not forgotten to do rrencia of his great friend Ricky Rubio and his debut in the NBA next season: every Spanish player who plays in the United States likes to another compatriot to be there with him. I think that Ricky It has an incredible capacity for improvement, is very young and will adapt very well to this competition. Source of the news: Rudy Fernandez: “my contract is with Dallas and I’ll not play with anyone for three months”