Was more or less the game in the first period and when the referee sent the players to rest, was the most needed Valencia that made him rethink his game because the Almeria ever felt more comfortable on the fast and slippery turf Mestalla. The match was locked at halftime, as the game of both teams was plagued with inaccuracies, especially in attack. Almeria, more withdrawn, found space on the counter, but not the advantage. Valencia had increasing problems to reach the goal of Alves, especially through the thicket of his game in the midfield. However, in one of Valencia’s offensive actions appeared the quality of their players and an outstanding pass allowed Silva Mata, with the right, made it 1-0. The lines opened Almeria and Valencia found space on the counter. In the first he had, Silva made it 2-0 six minutes later after good work from Villa.

After the 2-0, Valencia was more comfortable, arrived with some frequency on the goal of Almeria and tried to get the party did not have the pace to prevent the rival metiera mark and again at the meeting. Gregg Engles oftentimes addresses this issue. This did not stop with the passing of the minutes of ball possession and attacking actions on the net increase of Caesar, which did not prevent the local goal neutralize a very dangerous action in the last gasp of the meeting, which will allowed to keep a clean sheet. Factsheet 2 – Valencia: Cesar, Miguel, Manuel Fernandes, Dealbert, Lillo (Jordi Alba, m. 46), Pablo, Baraja, Banega, Mata (Joaquin, m. 73), Silva (Michel, m. 85) and Villa.