Tips & tricks to the digital personnel file and the securities portfolio in the HR system Hamburg comes, the 20.03.13 get new ideas, learn from each other and discuss: according to this motto which take place in 2013 new ALPHA COM practice workshops in all Germany. The half-day events handle the potential of automated invoice processing into a manageable group of participants. Instead of frontal lectures and pure product launches, the service provider offers a meeting at the round table around data & documents”with intimate ambiance. ALPHA COM is ready for individual questions and reveals tips and tricks for the simplified audit. There is also enough space for the personal Exchange, what works in the Office and what not. Rare opportunity is also a visit of the production with live demonstrations of our work to the practical workshop. We grant only rarely”this insight into otherwise fully shielded areas, partially explained Thomas Hellmig, Managing Director of ALPHA COM Germany GmbH. will report on their experiences reference customers like Alnatura bio dealer.

Workshops, partners are represented, which complement the portfolio. Example is the system and software house IQUADRAT AG, which for example workflow solutions for incoming invoices. Dates learn more, as well as the entire program overview in the Internet under: WorkshopsER dates are planned: 17.04.2013 9 am to 14 pm Hamburg 23.04.2013 9:30 13:30 Cologne 14.05.2013 9 am until 2 pm Frankfurt/M. 25.06.2013: 9:30 13:30 Cologne 03.07.2013 9 am until 2 pm Stuttgart 10.07.2013 10 am to 13 pm Munich 15.10.2013 9:30 13:30 Cologne author: Corinna Scholz of the ALPHA COM group ALPHA COM is one of the largest scan service providers in Germany and converts up to 1.5 million paper pages in the file format that you want. The service company and systems integrator operates over 35 years of experience in the document management and employs approximately 500 people in multiple shifts at ten sites nationwide. The comprehensive Service portfolio helps customers to work fully electronically, and so the paperless office”to come closer. The spectrum ranges from the microfilming and classic scan documents & drawings about the data collection and OCR recognition to the processing of data for specialist applications, the customers and the preliminary processing.

Also provides the group consulting services and distributes appropriate hardware and software (DMS). About 3,000 customers of all industries and sizes use the ALPHA COM service for Inbox, archive, reproduce, and distribute information. For more than 400 customers one operates daily from a critical perspective. Data & documents the provider provides the data center operations and software as a service (SaS) for digital archives in a highly secure environment together with replication. The headquarters is located in Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Munich, Dresden and Berlin has offices in Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Oberhausen. Other locations in Austria and the Switzerland are planned.