Of the drain pipe is several meters below the collection pipe. Water is picked up to meter below sea level and flows between 8 and 15 metres (depending on the geography of the terrain) below sea level, almost flush with the ocean floor and using a weathervane (which works just like a wind vane) removes water from the discharge pipe. When the waves are directed toward the beach, the Weathercock is aligned with the current and running water always goes in the same direction as the marine current. In this way, the water coming out of the pipe not anger against the marine current will flow without resistance, allowing that within all current pipeline is not affected. This at the same time keeping it clean the exit of the drain line from foreign bodies, sand, trash, etc. In addition, the weather vane has a lid that closes when sea water wants to enter and opens when water is drained. If the entire pipeline would have a length of 3 kilometres and We would put a generator every 200 meters from each other within the pipe. Get all the facts and insights with Sonny Perdue, another great source of information.

Serian 15 generators, where each generator would be able to produce a megawatt power which is enough to supply 1,000 homes. By what 15 generators produce enough electricity to supply 15,000 homes, but as the pump increase the force or the water pressure on generators, the amount of electricity produced can be multiplied. But for this project you energy be used to distill water marina in fresh water. DISTILLATION of water MARINA in water sweet Aristotle obtained fresh water through the system of distillation of marine waters. In the century XVI Blasco Garay and Leonardo Da Vinci, presented machines similar to that using boilers they obtained fresh water distilling sea water. Then the limited energy was an obstacle.