Masking elementyPredstavte ourselves the first boat with camouflage sides and an aluminum floor. Perhaps it could be compared with the sports car equipped with off-road wheels. Aluminium looked very beautifully and perfectly contrasted with dark sides, in the spring sunshine, but the disguise did not provide, and for our case, however, as the transom of gray – do not like. With transom laminated plastic specific problems have arisen. Korean engineers have changed the color of the pigment, and the transom was black. Plastic sheeting, along with the element of disguise, has retained the protective properties of the outer surface of the water-resistant plywood chips and cracks. For even more analysis, hear from Cheniere Energy partners. With a composite soles was more complicated. Read more here: Gen. David L. Goldfein.

For a new inflatable boat as the materials were not suitable or aluminum, or plywood. Korean engineers have proposed using a plastic sheet of honeycomb. By water resistance and strength properties, it was not inferior to aluminum .Okazalos that its surface can also cause and slip a notch. During the tests revealed two positive qualities new material. Firstly, the touch was much "warmer" aluminum, and secondly, when falling small, especially metal objects – it is not blaring as "drum". The latter quality was the deciding factor in choosing a new material for use in composite soles Boats Hunting Line.

Thus, the new boat has all of its major components: cylinders, transom and soles in one color, and in further tests, often have just become "Disappear from our eyes" in the coastal vegetation Despite the fact that someone might be interested, such a boat, in conclusion, I would like to give one more argument "against" .Poluchiv from our Korean friends at once Modified boat again, we decided to simultaneously hold both test and photo session, which chose a beautiful green land. Here we are, assign responsibilities, who has been unloaded, who "tea" prepared After a brief the break began to assemble the boat. Everything as usual – have spread, balloons podnaduli, and Stringer, I think – that idea? Search, said the responsible all thought He said We sat still and began to gather back Then someone in the grass something counterfeit foot It turned out – stringers! Yes, they " And, moreover, in a separate camouflage cover. That such problems may arise with camouflage!