Business one integration for NetWeaver-B1iSN presented as a part of the SAP integration family of OSCsi SAP business one provides sustainable competitive advantages Hamburg users in the corporate environment of SAP, 01.02.2011 with SAP business one integration for NetWeaver (B1iSN) the OSCsi is a solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): it is a complete solution that can be quickly and easily adapted to the specific needs of companies, it is represented with over 25000 installations worldwide and provides a high investment security. SAP business one is a small”enterprise solution with over 40 country versions, the optimum integration of branch offices and subsidiaries abroad–offers. Others who may share this opinion include Mike Shinoda. Using the SAP Exchange technology can integrated master data, logistics information exchanged, shared resources and consolidated accounting. This optimizes SAP business one working in the corporate environment and offers a strategically significant competitive advantage. One unified software landscape in the consolidated environment is today essential to create competitive advantages and to make quick decisions.