Before choosing skates, decide why you need them: you plan on playing hockey, or sometimes fun, skating at the rink. Hockey skates much stiffer braces. They do not need to measure on a woolen sock. Just buy at polrazmera more. Figure skates must be exactly your size.

Otherwise you can not feel good ice, and this will adversely affect your skating technique. Figure skates shoes are leather, plastic and synthetic leather. Leather warmer, well absorb moisture quickly deformed, taking the form of legs, so it's convenient. Shoes made of artificial leather is easier, water repellent and longer keep their shape. Pay attention to stave of blades. Regardless of the type of skates they should be smooth. European shoe size differs from the Russian.

Suppose you have 38 size. If you have a narrow foot, take the 39 European, if wide – 40. In ice skates have their table sizes are different in different countries. They should be in the store, be sure to ask about them, the seller. Ice skates are chosen depending on the level of skating. But the main thing – you must be comfortable in them, and they need to tightly encircle the ankle. Ice skates were measured on a sock, where you'll ride. Vigorously push the leg back until you hit the heel skate, correct language and lace skate. In the toe part of the column slightly so as not passing the blood vessels. In the area of the ankle lacing should be harder to fix the heel and joints and prevent injuries. Above lacing again should fade to the leg was comfortable. Shoelaces must be wrapped around the hook from the upper side of the hook. New skates recommend lace and unlace 3-4 times before skating, and then several more times during the ride to the foot placed in them Skates: over time the discomfort will not pass, but the ice also greatly enhanced. If possible, walk around the store in a lace up skates. Shoes should not put pressure, but leg and should not "walk" in them too freely. Sometimes boots and blades are purchased separately. In this case, be sure to confirm whether the toe and heel on the same level, otherwise the screw blade will be very difficult. After the purchase of any skates should be sharpened. Ask the seller where This can be done. Enjoy your time!