Here a consultant, an outside professional and educated on the subject serves as its Coach of the Manager. Once a contract is agreed upon a process of three months to two years of coaching. The hiring of foreign coach can be provided for the organization, who seeks to provide timely support to development of one or more of its managers, or can be paid for by the manager himself, who seeks a personal level professional support to its role . The second form occurs when the Coach is internal. Here the manager, with a background in the subject and sufficiently trained for the official role as coach of its officers and employees. This mode responds to an institutionalized program in the organization, where the manager assumes the role of Coach and initiates a process of coaching with some of his closest collaborators. This program usually is part of what is called a desarrollo ejecutivoa and its first phase usually begins with an assessment of performance, feedback 360o or survey of managers' needs in terms of skills required in the organization to achieve strategic objectives such and such, to which follows a coaching process for these managers. a In the second phase is carried out vocational training to those in the first phase were to become coaches turn them into Coach of its top executives, so the organization is institutionalized in the role of manager as coach. The first phase of the program is usually done with a foreign coach, as well as training in the second phase, after implementation, maintenance, and with them the know-how and is the capital of the organization. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sonny Perdue.