The concept of peace in all different: some are not imagining a personal vacation without traveling through the quaint powers to ensure that there is something to remember and to tell someone, for some people rest – it's pretty relaxing on the couch with fresh media, you think to finish reading, but still allowed her to become covered with a thin layer of dust, and there are those who can not wait for the May holidays, so with companions and friends to go to nature and there zababahat holiday tummy, and dress tempting, tasty and spicy steak. Switch from the constant hustle and bustle, go into the woods or country house and plunge into the medium family idyll imagine some of us. What is needed In order to hit the rest of memory for a long time? Do not forget the little: BBQ or oven barbecue, a set of skewers, barbecue grill, wood or birch charcoal, liquid to ignite and, of course, a couple of pounds of lamb or pork. Barbecues – the bulk of your holiday. There is a collapsible grill (usually in the form of 'suitcase', because of what is comfortable enough to use, and especially – in transportation, but we should understand one detail described in the pages of instructions for use, the study of which, typically, we do not bother herself: charcoal braziers in the data must be put already warm, otherwise it will soon begin iskorezhivatsya walls, and grill becomes a genuine aesthetics), disposable (made in the form of miniature thin-trays are made of small metal legs), and especially tasty eye conventional transportable grill (of various shapes, usually rectangular, with niche for coal over the same lie a skewer with meat). Roasting pan with a lid, it is in humans 'grill grate', all different from the grill only in that the temperature of the pork being processed from all sides. This grill – a device that in which is not used charcoal, and the technique used 'lava stones', which are heated by using gas or electricity.

For cooking barbecue is usually used particularly coal. This is especially simple shape of fuel, which may find that in the first almost opposite the supermarket. When burned does not leave disgusting odor, as, for example, when coal smoldering pine and spruce. Fluid for ignition is also important part of every peace. Especially popular is generally considered its forming waxes. Choosing the fluid for ignition, consult, will not have impact if it tastes baked with the help of kebabs. Good luck!