The company "Normdoks" took part in the International IQNet Forum, held June 15-16 in St. Petersburg during the annual General Assembly of the International Network of certification bodies IQNet. IQNet international forum organized by the Certification Association "Russian Register" and OOO "Test-St.-Petersburg", was devoted to major trends in the development of management systems, quality improvement of business problems in this area and their solutions. The Forum was held seminar, which focuses on ways to reduce the impact of economic crisis in the industry. Speakers include the event – the leaders of the International Network of certification bodies IQNet, the Association for certification "Russian Register" and OOO "Test-St.-Petersburg", as well as experts in the field of management systems, certification and standardization. The report "European and American standards system: structure, function, differences "at a seminar acted as Commercial Director of" Normdoks "Kochetov Lily. The presentation was devoted to the similarities and differences of these systems, their structure, specificity, patterns of development and adoption of standards and much more. "Participation in the International IQNet Forum and co-operation with certification companies for us to open up new perspectives and horizons." – Lily said Kochetov, commercial director of "Normdoks", "First all, it is important to expand the audience, in addition, standardization issues are intertwined with issues of certification, and here they get a new meaning and application.

Therefore, we are happy to provide full range of consulting services, including not only issues a regularly updated (actualized) normative documents database company, but also the legal aspects related to legitimacy, honesty acquisition and use of accordance with the licenses of the latter, which is especially important for companies such as "Russian Register", since they have control and responsibility for training and certification organizations. " "In working with customers, as well as the annual international workshops on standardization, "- said Stanislav Kim, CEO, -" we are often faced with more questions on certification. We hope that the fruitful cooperation with certification companies, in particular – with a key player in the market, the company "Russian Register" will allow us to more fully qualified and educational activities among our clients and partners. "