In contrast, in a simple room with no frills design, you realize that the accommodation would suit you perfectly, and this is a cozy home. Starting repair, do not rush to transfer to his apartment, and widely advertised trendy types of decoration and a stylish interior. First of all, decide How soon do you plan to do another repair and transform the interior of their homes. If you can make repairs each year, you can easily implement any fashion trend, modern design. Harder if you want to your repair lasted at least five years.

Here we must think, do not bother if you light spot lighting, cold and bright, over this time period. Do you take pleasure carpet fashion white, or an abundance of glass in furniture. All of this quickly becomes annoying and tiresome. White carpet is gray and there is no "Vanish" will not lead it to its original appearance. In case of repair two purposes: to make room cozy and comfortable, or make a museum room of his apartment, and quietly contemplate it, afraid to enter the room and inadvertently touch something fair, we should be amended to: if you plan to use his apartment for purpose, to live in it, lie on the couch, taking guests to walk on the carpet and read a book in his chair, the interior should match your personality and habits.

And if you simply make the repairs and admire them, periodically opening and closing the back door into the living room, then you can use white carpet and convoluted, badly glued stucco. Conclusion As always simple: before the repair figure out what you may think cubby hole, and only then start repairs. Our experts before starting repairs to your home, carefully studying the habits of your children and households, and only then, will offer you options for finishing the interior. If you used to eat in the living room, it makes no sense to convince you to go into the kitchen to eat. Simply knowing your habits and preferences, to make room so it was convenient and lunch and dinner. If you love to play the saxophone in free time, and the neighbors do not share your enthusiasm, it makes sense to make sound insulation of the room and indulge in his hobby, not creating problems and inconveniences to others. Such an approach is practiced in our company in For each room in your apartment. Believe me, we make your home not only updated and quality, but also cozy and comfortable. Our motto is: the client must remember with gratitude the work of our artists for a long, long, as long as no new decides to do repairs. He must apply it to our firm. So are the traditions, and now not only you but your children turn to our firm and ordered repairs, time-tested and quality.