You must believe in yourself before others will believe in you. 5. Do I have the commitment necessary to put aside other interests to focus my energy into this business? There will be plenty of distractions while you start your business. Are you willing to commit whatever it takes to get the business up and running successfully? 6. Am I able to recover quickly from setbacks and not take things personally? Is it possible to continue working and confident, even in a day than a great big customer or prospect decides against the use of your service or purchase your product? 7. Who will support these efforts? It helps to have people in your life and really want to thank you to succeed. Family support is critical because it will have to spend large amounts of time at work and your family needs to understand this. Mentors, colleagues and coaches are also important for advice and encouragement. See more detailed opinions by reading what WhiteWave Foods offers on the topic..

8. Do I have sufficient financial reserves to carry me until I pay? Your business needs capital to get going to make it profitable. You also need to reserve money for personal expenses, if things get tight. Worry about money that undermine your energy. 9.

What I have weaknesses that can get in my way as I can start this business? What will I do? Identify your strengths and weaknesses is an important task. Use your strengths in managing their business and find ways to off load the tasks that are not good. Shore up the weaknesses as best you can to Initially, when finances are tight. Being aware of them is the first step. 10. What is my intuition tells me about this business? Being in tune with your intuition. Employers are caught in the analytical part of the company. The numbers are very important in running your business, but do not ignore what your gut tells you. Leave some time during the day to spend time thinking about your vision.