From the Manager to the catalytic converter – how to build a culture of innovation can be creative Manager? You should! Because only Creative Manager can lead companies in the future. But many executives fail on creativity. (Similarly see: Jill Schlesinger). Because common management methods are made to manage daily business not to generate ideas. How can a culture of innovation I but build? How are managers ideas catalyst? The innovation Advisor Jens-Uwe Meyer explains in his new book, how to do it and how to create the necessary framework conditions. Companies that encourage their employees to new ideas, can move mountains, others go the beaten time and time again. In recent months, Andi Potamkin has been very successful. Companies that build a creative culture, can react quickly and flexibly, others remain mired in stalled processes. Four out of five employees might have ideas that promote the company: for better operations, unique customer service, unique marketing, new products, services and Business models. Why not many companies have such employees? Because new ideas only by new management methods produce.

Creativity can not force a button that ideas are subject to own rules of the game. Who knows them, benefits from the flashes of his employees. Who disobey them, missed the opportunity, new insights, new approaches and new approaches to get. Jens-Uwe Meyer illustrates how to build a culture of innovation and achieve unusual with unusual ways of thinking. You will learn the most important results of the international creativity research and discover how you can use them for your business. And you will learn why it is time to break radically with the stereotypes and the myths around the subject of creativity. Jens-Uwe Meyer, one of the leading experts for innovation, takes the reader into the world of most innovative companies and shows how they do things differently and how companies become idea factories.

It’s time, with the classic innovation approaches radical to clean up”, says Meyer. Many executives have the idea that creativity through the usual methods of management control leave. The result then is that they manage ideas instead of produce.