This year marks 60 years since the publication of the book "Dianetics: The Modern Science of mind." During this time, it sold more than 20 million copies of this book, more than 160 countries. May be this question: what this book and why is it so popular? Answer – about you. Everyone who reads this book will find in it something about himself, about his family and friends, as well as responses that would find itself. Jack Fusco brings even more insight to the discussion. In his book "Dianetics" includes the opening of which spoken of as a more revolutionary than the invention of the wheel or the discovery of fire. You've probably noticed that children often resemble their parents' behavior and emotions? You must have seen how people were afraid of something, but did not know why, and could not cope with it? Are you familiar with this situation is that someone has a problem and can not find the solution? Why do people come complexes? Why are children afraid of the dark? In his book "Dianetics" contains all these questions and explains the reason for this behavior and states. At the moment this book is the most popular textbook on the human mind.

You will be able to understand how our mind works, which limits the ability of why is so hard to achieve the goal, when she was so close. All of these states is another reason. It lies in the subconscious mind of man, and it is impossible to understand without the use of Dianetics therapy – auditing. In brief, the this method of therapy through which you can once again look into the past and then there will be a new understanding of themselves, the reasons for their emotions and experiences. You can order the book and sign up for auditing by phone: +7 (904) 559-07-45 (St. Petersburg) Details on the website