If you're reading this page, you can assume that you rarely swing movies, music, and games from the internet. In this article I will tell you how to download from file sharing systems. Information will be divided into blocks – if you know the answer to the title-question block, you can skip it. 1. What is a file sharing Perhaps you have a question why the reference movies, software, games and music are not on cric.com.ua, and on rapidshare.com, filefactory.com, letitbit.net, depositfiles.com and others and what it is. Point is that any site, not counting the sites of large corporations can afford to save terabytes of data in their server, so movies, programs, games, etc. loaded on a special server faylhranilischa listed above, for downloading and then download the information. For example, someone from the staff of our site downloaded a movie or a game on one of faylobmennikov.

But any user could download it, it needs provide a link (on these servers is not working and searching information, you can download just by following links). About links and will be discussed further. 2. Why link in plain text or why I can not click on the link? If you see references in plain text, that is, when you hover over it does not change and therefore when you click on a link, nothing happens that is not so well do not worry, the links work. To navigate to this link enough to completely copy it (that is, for example) and paste it into your browser.