On April 7th the SYSCOM opens 2011 at the home of syscovery AG in Mannheim its doors. On the one hand, because the SYSCOM will be again the meeting point for IT managers from industry, services and local authorities, from the large companies to medium-sized. “On the other hand, because this year’s theme of efficient IT business management” is more than just a current trend, but rather shows a forward-thinking way for sustainable business success. Topics such as the efficient use of virtual services, trend-setting solutions for a more efficient and more secure infrastructure, productivity-enhancing business processes in the cloud as well as multi provider management syscovery savvy suite are on the agenda. Interesting organization and identity management will be the focus of numerous practical examples and live demonstrations. That here IT dialogue and exchange among experts be capitalized, refer to the SYSCOM already almost by itself. In short, All those who want to be more efficient in terms of IT infrastructure, should be on the way to the SYSCOM 2011 make. Venue: Duden 46, 68167 Mannheim event start: 15:00, 07 April 2011 registration under: syscom tagung.de syscovery AG Duden 46 68167 Mannheim Tel: 0621-717680 fax: 0621-7176879.