The mikado method concept ag to the effort-poor organisational and technical introduction of the Berlin security specialist mikado ag has developed a procedure model lean projects for data encryption with BSI-oriented analysis of the requirements. In particular, the use of best practices as templates and standardized process modules reduce while the project costs and the organisational measures, without causing it to smear in the professional realization. This service package is offered for medium-sized companies and Government agencies at a fixed price. In particular, his goal is to undertake a needs assessment for which information and data transfer processes, the introduction of procedures for encryption appears necessary or useful. May also include the identification of organizational requirements as well as a selection of appropriate technologies and the assessment of project costs.

As a result, the company or the institution receives a rough concept of methodological suggestions for the organizational and technical introduction of a needs-based encryption solution. The service package offered to the net price of Euro 4.350,-for medium-sized organizations. Data are not all equally vulnerable,”explained mikado Board Reimund rider the need for a targeted approach. The information value of the various data must first be determined to focus on the real needs for protection and encryption measures to avoid, of little use. The actually relevant field of action and priorities derive from itself”, he stressed. Is a project concentration, which limits the effort because it is free of any overhead caused by the systematic analysis.” According to a recent study of the mikado ag thinks a majority of SMEs because, response on the spy actions known by intelligence services more your privacy to concentrate on. 36 Percent of the companies like the budgets for this currently increase, every seventh even. At the same time intends each fifth security and IT managers, even in the short term to achieve a stronger encryption. “The sensitivity for the security has thrown a greater need for protection and the need to dedicate themselves more strongly than previously the data encryption”, explains Reiter and sees a vital but so far clearly neglected approach in the encryption: represents a central lever, to provide the necessary protection against a spying of sensitive company information such as customer and business data, or new product developments. “