The glass mirror frame GmbH from Munich informed contemporary buildings are characterized by the use of glass elements. Light transmittance, multiple color options and formability make glass an ideal building material for the realization of an ambitious construction projects. But the modern architecture are not limited to the establishment of most extravagant buildings. Increasingly are also functional aspects such as a most careful use of energy resources in the foreground. A low energy consumption of real estate is erwunschter than ever in times of rising fuel costs and environmental considerations.

The GSR GmbH Munich glass experts know from personal experience that modern insulating glass in this context is always important. In old, equipped with single glazed Windows, buildings shows quickly why the development is being driven increasingly by insulating glasses. Thin-walled glass panes are good thermal bridges, to the chagrin of the immobile one users and residents. In the winter this is a means immense heat emission to the environment which promotes an unpleasant indoor climate and drive heating costs in the amount. The warmth of the Sun, however, inadequately held during the summer and the temperatures soar upward. Modern double glazing were developed from the effort out to put an end to this disadvantage of classical simple glazing and glass to become a full-fledged building material. Thanks to their constant further development nowadays relatively thin glazing can is used, without noticeably affecting the energy performance of a building. Modern insulating glass has several, separated by gas-filled the spaces between panes of glass.

The poor thermal conductivity of used fill gases causes an effective thermal insulation. Several factors are decisive for the effectiveness of an insulating glass unit. In particular is the permeability of solar radiation in General and infrared radiation in particular importance. An effective heat insulation due to a possible low radiation opacity of the used glass. In particular the infra-red wavelengths of sunlight should be held to avoid the heat transfer. However misses an insulation glass, which serves the space exposure, can pass his purpose, not enough light. When choosing glass therefore the thermal insulation must consider as well as the light transmission. Considering a difficult manageable market for construction glass, professional support in their selection and installation is often necessary. The glass experts of Munich GSR GmbH is engaged in this context with many years of experience and expertise for the interests of their clients.