Sometimes you can see the ads in that state in terms of 50 or 100 years. Not sure what all this nonsense. Just in theory, in particular greenhouse conditions, this roofing material and can stand so much. Here the main thing – tailored to suit the climate. Therefore, the warranty periods for roofing and abroad, we often differ, as climate we considered extreme for roofing materials, especially in winter, when the temperature often goes zeroed. Since the moisture on the roof freezes and expands, in the presence of pores and cracks in the roof of the upper layer of roofing material begins to break down. A second potent factor is the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the roofing material.

This is particularly affects the bitumen, which loses its plasticity and begins to crack. However, it can fade and various colors of roofing material, which are now in almost all types of roofing. Manufacturers also put emphasis on environmental friendliness and the ambient humidity, which will be used roofing material. Some manufacturers of roofing materials do not provide guarantees for our climate, where temperature differences from -35 to +40, and advertising in Europe and America declared warranty period. Based on the foregoing, it is clear why a common European natural tile, we are not as popular – if not use the glaze roof will soon begin to crumble. On the other hand, bituminous materials – soft tile and Onduline (evroshifer) – need special protection UV – dye or mineral aggregate.

If you add up all these factors, the exact lifespan of roofing material is very difficult to get, you can only talk about relative values. So much for natural tile with glazed surface, you can specify a long life. Metal worked well as long-lasting roofing material. Bituminous shingles in most promise to serve for a long time. In this case, Natural, soft tile and metal are considered only decent quality.