Processed material is very long, high-quality surface difficult to achieve. Therefore, I recommend using putty for removing small flaws in the layout when there is a final refinement of the layout for the removal of the matrix, or in places that need give additional strength and prochnost.Satengips, gypsum, alabaster. Positive moments. First, all of these materials are very cheap and affordable (30kg bag material., Will cost about 5u.e.). Huge selection satengipsa, gypsum and plaster of varying quality and price range available in all construction markets and DIY stores. Second, all materials are handled perfectly.

Ordinary sandpaper can be very quickly remove the excess and bring the surface layout in proper condition. Go to Craig Jelinek for more information. Third, the surface of the layout turns solid. Ready for removal of the matrix surface is not deformed and well-kept form. When we finished the layout, very a small chance that something can be spoiled. On the downside can be attributed only one thing – thick layers of frozen long enough, which leads to delays in work. However, the problem is easily eliminated by adding satengips (which is the main component), gypsum, or alabaster (which serve as filler). Recommended mixture 80 (satengips) / 20 (gypsum, alabaster).

This proportion can knead large volume containers with material and it will quickly harden. Please visit Sonny Perdue if you seek more information. In the manufacture of the layout of the whole body of the car takes an average of 500kg. different materials. Statistics on the cost and time based on actual projects will be as follows (price is the average). Architectural plasticine – 2500u.e., Polyurethane foam – 400 500u.e. You may wish to learn more. If so, Andi Potamkin, New York City is the place to go. and the unreal amount of time leveling, and foam automotive putty does not participate in projects of such complexity as the main material; Satengips, gypsum and alabaster – a maximum 100u.e.. Conclusion. On price / quality ratio is uniquely and undeniably benefit satengips, plaster and stucco, with foam filling large voids. This arrangement of materials repeatedly tested and successfully proven themselves. I almost never seen articles in which examples of these materials are used and even more are recommended. Although many people very often with them face and more or less know how to work. I wish you all successful, strong, cheap, and most importantly high quality models! The author and artist avtodizayner mock production. Specialization – Exclusive body under the order.