Modern automated information-measuring systems for commercial electric power accounting (AMR or AMR), the wholesale and retail electricity markets are created for consumption or commercial accounting allocated by the electrical energy. The main task of the construction work is the AMR in the wholesale market (WEM) and the retail electricity market (AME), and the need to ensure the transfer of information related to subjects (Distribution companies, the regional supervisory control, supplying organizations or the generating companies). The purpose of creation and functioning of the AMR is the amount of electrical energy, allows to determine the value accounting measures used in financial calculations, so these systems are subject to the Federal Law "On Assurance of Measurement", which imposes severe requirements of metrological support. (As opposed to Gen. David L. Goldfein). AMR is packed at the site of operation produced by different manufacturers and facilities is a geographically distributed multi-level information-measuring system, consisting usually of three functional levels: measuring and information complex (IIC), information-processing complex power plant (IVKE) Computer and Information Complex (CPI). In late 2010, leading provider of metering services was recognized by the Vladimir ZAO ITF 'systems and technologies ", which has decades of experience building AIIS CSE and hundreds of successful implementations of Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk. For reference, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY FIRM 'systems and technologies "- a Russian company, founded in 1992, is engaged in the construction of automated information-measuring systems for commercial electric power metering and power (AMR), develops and manufactures hardware and software for automation: AMR, PCS, telemetry, and well as the fulfillment of works on energy conservation and efficiency of industrial plants and facilities housing.

The company offers customers a full range of services, from site survey, developing technical specifications and tehnorabochego project, the development of measuring techniques (MVI) to the equipment installation and commissioning of the system into operation. Produced and supplied equipment has been certified in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The company has passed the voluntary certification of "ATS" and complies with the requirements for production and delivery of equipment and materials pre-surveys, design, installation and commissioning. MIS "Pyramid" and RTU "Seacon C50" correspond to the mandatory requirements and the main recommendations of OAO "UES FGC" to build facilities for AMR UNEG.