It can be attributed to the city Yevpatoria Zaozernoye village – the nearest to Evpatoria resort center, pos. Black, Storm, Popovka and settlement. Nikolaevka and Sandy. All of them located on the Black Sea coast, on the shores of the Gulf Kalamitsky.

Resorts West Crimea widely known as a place for children and families. In Evpatoria, Saki, Zaozernaya beautiful sandy beaches of the Black Sea, in Nikolaevka and Sandy Sandy and pebbly beaches. The combination of steppe and sea climate is very favorable for rest and treatment of many diseases, and charges the life-giving energy of nature. Evpatoria – one of the oldest cities. In 2003, the resort town of Evpatoria celebrated its 2500 anniversary. In Evpatoria, there are plenty of cafes, bars, restaurants, discos, beaches a lot of water attractions, and travel lovers will be able to make a tour of the sunny peninsula of your choice. Entertainment Evpatoria for adults and children in Zaozernaya in Saki, Black, Sandy and Nikolaevka can be found on every taste and budget.

In Evpatoria – on the beach sun runs open water park. Evpatoria Evpatoria Resorts treatment and Saki are used primarily as a therapeutic center, where it is possible to cure many ailments. For Evpatoria firmly established the authority of the best children’s health center. For treatment, Yevpatoria use local medicinal mud of Lake Moinakskoye with unique properties. The perfect treatment for adults and children can be children in Evpatoria clinical sanatorium of the Ministry of Defence. This is one of the best resorts resort Evpatoria. Sanatorium “Dnepr” and sanatorium “Eaglet” located on the first line and accepted for treatment of parents and children, spa “Tavria” and resort “Evpatoria” are among the best on the basis of treatment in Yalta, in a sanatorium to them. Nagovitsyn assist in diseases of view, OLC ‘North’ is functioning all the year round and is famous for special programs for clients with various diseases. Treatment and rest are also possible in Evpatoria resort ‘Oren-Krym’ pension ‘Planet’ OK ‘Ryabinka’ resort ‘The Seagull’ boarding house ‘Kiev’ Holiday in Evpatoria Black, Sandy, Nikolaevka is one of the affordable and accessible. One of the most famous and popular holiday destinations in Yalta – TOK “Evpatoria”. Economical option for those wishing to get a quality vacation in Yalta – Seaport Hotel.