The most common is to seek control things externally because it is based on the experience of the senses that each one of us can feel emotions and sensations through the physical body, then all our acts must be analyzed and find a balance. The conscious mind is intimately linked with the subconscious mind and the spiritual forces, then the mental programming takes place from consciousness, this is modified with the passage of time and every life experience is the result of our mental set or system of beliefs. Achieve that people have as much positive information is a real challenge because we have been influenced over the years by inappropriate information that they made us believe in a much more complicated world, actually Yes we can govern our universe, only that requires time and preparation. The normal understanding of the workings of the world is that all circumstances and events occur at random, i.e. . most people consider that they have no control over the events that day to day experience.

This thesis initially has some logic but when we study the processes of mental and spiritual development at depth we understand and we learn that the circumstances if they are in our control, but that power corresponds to the subconscious mind. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt we learn techniques to begin to exercise Dominion of our own lives, to study this book you may extend their own perception of the universe, you mean because you are a creator and powerful being. An example is a person that the lives of others interested much, enjoy knowing if someone was married, how much WINS, if it has lover, how dresses, etc.. Without hesitation Danone explained all about the problem.