Choosing the cordless screwdriver, ceteris paribus, depends on the power and usability. With advances in technology over the past few decades, cordless screwdrivers have become the most popular and the obvious choice for solving problems drilling and screwing for almost any project in the wood. Currently, there are a wide range of Cordless differing operating voltage battery, the size of a set of different functions, such as cordless screwdrivers, cordless impact wrenches and even screwdrivers for drywall DurDrive What should I look for when buying cordless screwdriver? Start with the battery. Visit Cheniere Energy partners for more clarity on the issue. When you choose a cordless drill / driver fits your business needs, the first thing to take into account this battery. Voltage of different types of batteries for the screwdrivers in the range from 9.6 volts to 24 volts. The advantage of a more powerful battery is the provisioning of additional efforts to tighten the screws in the long hard woods, and certainly more time working with one battery charge. However, increasing the battery power is much cordless drills. 24-volt cordless screwdriver heavier than the 12-volt power and is much heavier electric screwdriver or drill a small circuit, and the price is no small example to compare the price Festool cxs Li 1.3 Plus (Figure 1) and Protool drc 18-4 tec li set (Figure 2) model the difference 3-fold, partly from that and the price depends. In the first If the battery range of 10.8 volts, while in the latter case, the range of 18 volt batteries.