T-shirt not long ago became associated exclusively as a light dress, and it is quite firmly established in the wardrobes of modern fashion lovers. T-shirts at this time is naturally different for men and women, funny and not very expensive and not quite. No matter where purchased T-shirt, somewhere in the wholesale market, or a fashionable shop, definitely worth a look before washing the inscriptions on the labels. All this is necessary for the preservation of the appearance of favorite t-shirts, and to save your mood. Because if you want to shove into the machine to wash a white blouse, red pants and green shirt, without a doubt, that the pull of her original clothes red-green-brown color. Trust me on word that this awful shade is so persistent that he many firms are developing colors of clothing.

Chlorine bleach or some removed by change the color, most often no possible, and few options. Or advertise your creation, or rather for another original idea of a mad Kutur, and wear it all with her head held high, or take all the corrupt things in the package Garbage and regretted buried in the abyss of your garbage can. This option does not suit us, so be sure to wash, take your shirt and find it anatatsionny tab, but it is written from a tissue manufactured product, and any necessary recommendations to guard in the wash, to t-shirt is not deteriorated. Especially pay attention to t-shirts, which are prints. Especially valuable shirts are erased at the hands of cold water and mixed with a small amount of gentle detergent that helps keep the print on the shirt. Washed T-shirts with pictures of the washing machine is possible, but unfortunately there is no guarantee that after the third or fourth washing drum evaporates completely without leaving a trace, or will something unintelligible.

T-shirts during the wash, the same principle as that for other clothing. T-shirts of cotton can be washed at no more than forty degrees, and with a mixture of cotton and lycra, temperature rise affected very negatively. T-shirts from knitted fabric can be washed at low temperature, hand wringing their undesirable. Woolen shirts can not tolerate temperatures above thirty degrees, and are not recommended to rub, and they are erased by special means for washing woolen products.