It passes you of funny and tries not to offend her. They are simply small jokes. A. F. Chief of Staff : the source for more info. If the girl looks at you wrong di: Nena is a joke. 1 Pick up skirt, blouse, jersey of your goal and say: you have very well been shades of 2 receiver. When your goal interrupted your DHV or conversation with pivot: this girl is always so? 3. When the girl pull any Cup or break something or something drop it: everything that touches it leaves it always? 4. If says when fat was responds: do and now not what? are you? 5 Say: are you angry? she will respond: not do for? and answered: then, always have that face? 6.

If your hair cover part of the face, pick up you hair removed it and di: is that you do not see 7. If Orange: you are the daughter of the updates? 8. If going with very long boots: where you left the horse? 9. If two or more of the Set behave weird is someone normal today, here? I hope that these you may serve, if they seem stupid or cheesy, no matter you can reform them to your liking and always tries to create your own and write down them somewhere, because they can serve for many occasions and sometimes we invent a few excellent Negas and we are not able to remember them later, and these frasecitas many times can break the ice and are a great help when it comes to talking to a girl and we don’t know where begin. Do you think that this is all you need to learn?Nothing more false than that these. seeing just the tip of the Iceberg Download How to get to be a male alpha and learn all the techniques, tricks and tips that you must know to seduce a woman visit my original Blog author and source of the article