Hindigo is an Indo-German project with an office in Germany (Emden) and India (Madras). Our staff there for a whole year had traveled throughout India to make the right contacts, with the best producers. This investment has resulted in many cases, good friendships. By the same author: Jack Fusco. In this way we have direct contact with the producers and therefore guarantee that our products are always on the cutting, the quality of the highest and lowest prices on the level. In addition, we convince ourselves of the situation suburb and making sure that the products are not manufactured by children, the workers receive fair wages and social standards are maintained. Mostly, we source our products from small villages, such as trailers, masks, leather photo albums, jewelry, etc. Schattulen where the people have specialized in the production of only some products. In each product is unique, because it is handmade and not machine generated. They get us only individually manufactured products. Lean mass-made productswe are basically starting. If it is possible for us and the people do not mind, we take pictures of them and talk a bit about their lives. In this way the products are more unique and individual. But that’s not all! With us you get more: You can get in touch with us by the producers (the artists / designers) and leave your own product, create your own design. You must send us only your imagination and then we will take care of everything else. In our service does not just stop with the purchase of a product, but goes far beyond that. For each customer, we create customized special auctions and bonus systems in which every customer will get more. Even non-customers can subscribe to the newsletter by simply receive a monthly gift. The best way to convince yourself of our commitment, and even find that you get when Hindigo more.