The results of these measurements had been compared with the values presented for NBR 10151, that it determines the maximum values that can be emitted by establishments in order not to cause bother the community, also compared with the values established for NBR 10152, that it establishes the levels of noise in an enclosure of constructions, beyond the NR-17, destined to the activities in labor environments that require intellectual request. To deal with the problem the Induced Auditory Loss for Rudo (PAIR), in attendance to the criteria adopted for the NR-15, procedures of measurement of the NPS had been carried through, in which the worker is displayed during all its hours of working, that is, around 8 hours, measured in Leq (), that he corresponds the average of the measurements of the noise during this day. As much the welding team how much of jateamento they used auricular protector of the type plug, Pomp mark, with certifyd of approval (HERE) n 5748 e, with nominal attenuation of 20 dB (). Finally, it was applied, in the workers, a questionnaire with specific questions on which would be the main bothering problems or that the noise for them felt provoked, with the objective to collect given for one posterior analysis on the situation of the disturbance, the bother, the discomfort and the possible auditory problems caused by the noise in its labor environment. But the workers who were displayed directly to the effect most intense of the sound pressure levels had been slndados e, thus, in the welding team they had been twenty two (22) and in the team of the jateamento twenty seven (27) employees, equivalent to about 84% of each team directly displayed to the noise. RESULTS For evaluation of acoustic comfort, Table 03 presents, in dB (), the results of the maximum sound pressure levels (NPS max) measured, of the levels equivalents of sonorous pressure Leq () measured, of the values prescribed for NBR 10151, NBR 10152 and NR-17 and the differences between these values and of Leq () mdidos.