The information, problems, the project and the "solutions" The issue is present and appears to many people confused in a space where the statements of title mix. We observe the situation in a way that contains certainty and understanding, as if it decompose a polynomial in the elements that compose it, and these elements were three equations to be solved sequentially. The elements of the first equation to be able to solve are as follows: 1st .- the ability to identify very precisely the type or category or class of information needed for their own personal project personal. 2a-The ability to know where to find this information. The 3rd .- The possibility of access to the place where you are. The elements of the second equation is also solved, are: 1b-state if the information obtained meets the search criteria. 2b .- identify the existence of other information which, although not the originally sought, is by its nature or content change our point 1 above, ie whether we should change the identification or not and to do that extension. 3b .- know how to evaluate information, so that we can incorporate it as knowledge.

This last step is vital. It involves an enrichment of knowledge itself and pays growth of our experience. The third equation is the subject of applying that knowledge and there may be some alternatives: 1c .- able to apply knowledge to achieve a result. 2c .- unable to apply knowledge for reasons that must be identified. 3c .- not know how to apply the knowledge gained.