High-tech kite ‘made in Germany’ drive with 2,700 HP cargo ships at Berlin, January 16, 2013 a large cargo ship could save the oil annual demand of up to five single-family homes daily, if it would use the wind energy. Also, it would blow thirty tons less carbon dioxide into the air above the oceans on the day. But not a container ship or Tankship must become the windjammer”. Stephan Wrage, founder and Managing Director of SkySails GmbH (Hamburg), relies on innovative Dragon cargo ship that pull the ship attached at the bow. Wrage has developed automatic high-tech Dragon with his team in a project.

With a wingspan of an Airbus A321 similar to train dragons use the high-energy air streams at 100 to 500 feet. For his pioneering innovation project awarded GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Projektmanagement Stephan Wrage Roland Gutsch project management award 2012 “. With this award the Association honors persons, the projects of social significance have carried out and the world enforced German project management. Thanks to this daring project Germany has consolidated world leadership in high wind and kite”, praised laudatory and jury Chairman Professor Hasso Reschke performance by Stephan Wrage and his team. The award was presented on January 16, 2013, on a parliamentary evening of GPM in Berlin, where German politician of the CDU, SPD and Alliance 90 / the Greens attended. Rudiger Kruse, Member of the Bundestag from Hamburg, paid tribute to the good basic thoughts underlying the project. Such technologies are exciting and an important enrichment for energy transformation. It is wise to go with several technological strategies in the energy revolution,”he said. Rene Rospel, MP of the Social Democrats, pointed out the climate protection achieved by this project. Three percent of global CO2 emissions are on the boat trip”, he said, the project is a huge step forward on the way to reduce these emissions.” Dr.