Marking works on site are to consolidate on the ground points that define the horizontal and vertical position of buildings and structures, structural components. The planned location of these points can be defined by building on the corner of the original area of deposition and alignment of the project on the distance from the starting point. Therefore, to fix the project (action taken), the point must be pre- calculate its position and to have calculated the increments of coordinates (X and Y) to defer the alignment of points with known coordinates. A new method of marking works combines polar and Casement-linear ways stakeout work. As the introduction in the production of surveying the construction site of modern electronic devices coordinate method in widespread use. With the advent of systems computer-aided design (particularly AutoCAD) handed down the coordinates of the points in the nature of no great difficulty. The main thing is to email the project was "bound" in the building frame.

Also to be implemented outside the alignment framework that preserves the system of coordinates for the entire period of construction. It could be signs of serious groundwater and dowels in concrete blocks. Basis point should, opportunities located in areas visible from all horizons of development. For planting in the designed object of building an external position alignment framework should be tied to a citywide coordinate system. Outer bind geodetic framework appropriate to the stage of breaking the main axes including at least two points of intersection of the axes of the alignment system framework.

External alignment framework can be used at the stage of excavation for excavation and installation of building structures of the zero cycle. When erecting the aerial part of the building appropriate for the initial horizon to create an internal alignment framework. The points of internal alignment basics must be placed in locations most convenient for the subsequent marking works and transport to assembly horizons. The coordinates of points inside the alignment basics defined in the adopted for the construction of a coordinate system from the points of the external alignment basis by surveying various constructions: polar coordinates, forward, backward angular and linear serifs. Using coordinates the internal alignment principles and calculated in the analytical preparation of the coordinates of building structures, calculate the alignment and thus the construction stakeout. As already noted, for implementing the method of coordinate stakeout work most advisable to use modern appliances, electronic total stations, satellite receivers. When using such devices in very cramped and busy construction sites and major principal axes, as well as any points necessary for the construction and installation of structures may be made at any time. In other words, this method allows for surveying the limited workload and the construction area. Thus, for buildings constructed complex configuration, such as reinforced concrete, can be offered to coordinate method in its pure form, not only for the removal of the primary or principal axes, but for the entire alignment cycle as a whole, including the erection of building structures.