Later Zass even perfected the trick – have already offered to beat wishing foot. 2. Isometric exercise. Zass one of the pioneers of strength training, so-called isometric exercises, in which force is applied to either a fixed or nearly immovable object. In building the force, he believed he was the paramount development of tendons by which muscles are attached to the bones: “I do not believe in big muscles, if next to them is not real great strength of tendons.

You can see physical culture enthusiasts, with rather more muscle. But some of them proc if there is no strong base – developed tendons. For example, the biceps near the Zass by the standards of today’s bodybuilders and weightlifters was modest – just 41 centimeters. Zass developed several complexes of isometric exercises with chains on samosoprotivlenie, with bars, etc.. Their uniqueness is not limited to, the fact that the exercise requires very little time – just 25-30 minutes including workout. However, the performance of isometric exercises require uchitvat certain moments – the formulation of breathing and concentration. While the exercises themselves at first glance quite simple. For example, one can try bend fixture straining his strength for 10-15 seconds or push the door jamb, or break the chain, etc.

3. An integrated approach. Exploiting the power, Zass however, far more than his contemporaries and current athletes worked head. During the years of training he studied the structure of great human body, biomechanics and physiology, which allowed him to take a holistic approach, ensuring maximum results. The combination of respiratory, isometric and dynamic exercise, diet, sleep and rest allow the body to recover in the short term. Due to this Zass trained with full dedication, downloading all the muscle groups at least twice a day, that still affects athletes, it is believed that person for a full recovery should be from 24 to 48 hours. During his lifetime Alexander Zass published several papers on the development of the human body and each of them worthy of detailed study. A. F. Chief of Staff may also support this cause. Perhaps future researchers will be opened in these other secrets of the Iron Samson and remains unsurpassed. * If you ponravials article, subscribe to update my blog. Y I have many interesting and useful articles. And how many more write! Yes, if readers would be interested, I can put photocopies of books Sasse, though in English. In Russian they are not met.