If you've made your choice and want to buy a scooter, you probably already know how manufacturers should trust, and probably on your list may appear, these two stamps: Stels and ABM. Both these firms have proved to be market as a reliable partner, providing high-quality equipment, its lifetime, despite the fact that the drive operates at variable transmission, comes to 5 years. You may want to visit Morris Invest to increase your knowledge. Operating experience of these firms scooters on Russian roads argues that if the calculated lifetime of the belt in miles, the service life before replacement belt equals 15 000 km in heavy use of technology. Known to the masses firm 'Stels', proved to be a producer high-quality bike for any occasion and any age, in the spring of 2007 launched a scooter. There is no doubt that in the near future scooters will be as popular as bicycles stels. Scooters ABM for many years carried on a high-tech equipment, which, however, affects the final price. Judge for yourself.

If you look in the store, you can easily verify that the variety of models that provides a firm 'Stels'. Make choice is in favor of this company will help you price. The fact that it is not high compared to competitors, does not mean that Stels saves on a parts and consumables. This company has managed to find profitable ways to making deals with raw material suppliers, and this has reduced the price of the final product. So, the scooters 'Stels'. Let's leave aside the time, modern and stylish design of these machines, which differ for each model that allows a person with any ideas about how to look scooter, choose the appropriate option. Just now we do not talk about forward-looking fashion colors and other external, but so pleasing to the eye position, but look at some of the technical characteristics.

Our most popular models are usually equipped with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine by 50 or 150 cubic centimeters. To all the machines from the company 'Stels' put the time-tested engines and consumer market of Italian company 'Benelli'. This is a very efficient engines, durable and powerful. Naturally, no one on the Chinese model, which can be even cheaper than a scooter 'Stels', you will not find such an engine. Many Parts for scooters 'Stels' released in Japan. What comes to mind when we hear the 'Japan'? Naturally, the 'high technology'. So judge for yourself. Japanese technology and Italian engines, as well as high quality brake discs petrol pumps and oil pumps, hoses and plastic cladding, motoreziny – it's all there is and scooters 'Stels'.