Header – the main tool when working with affiliate programs. How correctly and competently you its composition, so much profit you will. Well, I think it’s obvious, so let’s talk not about our future and our present, namely, let’s discuss what we need to create super-header. Continue to learn more with: Jack Fusco. To create a super-header, you must follow these rules: Rule number 1 … Be the People. Do not turn your ad headline to something beyond science. Keep it simple.

Make everything as you would tell your friends or acquaintances. Only my mother! Rule number 2 … Prove the benefits! If you compose an ad in Yandex Direct or someplace else, You will need to specify the same maximum benefit. Tu, for which people will seek! What must the people. Give the people what they want.

You can also listen to an audio podcast on the subject: Rule number 3 … Encourage, Encourage, Encourage! The most important thing – belief! The description should contain a conviction. Even without belief and conviction! Push the man to action. Tell him who he becomes. Sometimes even worth PRIUVELICHIT! Rule number 4 … Sometimes it must be asked! You are probably now at a loss for what could be the issue when we are on the contrary should be brought to answer all questions … But it was not there. To increase the flow of visitors, we just must sometimes be used, as I call him, Q-description. To help you better have learned, I am ready to share with you a few primerami.A you know that we need to do to make your headline read everything? Did you know that it is necessary if you want to (do something … …) You can also listen to an audio podcast on the subject: Rule number 5 criticism! Yes, you by THE ochitalis. Indeed, when you write a response, criticism should be present. Criticism even propel the visitor to make a purchase. Like, “if so much PLUSES (which you have listed) and only one minus, the product is worth to buy! These were the basic rules on compiling descriptions. Good luck in your endeavors, or are sequels!