Which offer to cope with how many visitors? Magento has grown to a major player in the E-commerce market in the last two years. No open-source shop system enjoys higher growth rates. But a rumor about Magento remains still stubbornly despite all success stories: the system is accused of being a slow, resource-eating Monster. Bit more diplomatically expressed it could formulate also, that the modern and sophisticated architecture of Magento has many advantages, but is just at the expense of performance. Costco has much experience in this field. Need to see enough, once more behind the scenery. Go to Harold Ford Jr for more information.

Magento famously based on the Zend Framework, which certainly brings compared to simpler systems or system architectures like the OS – or XT-Commerce, a certain overhead with it. The overhead of course affected the performance. However, since release of the first version, Magento has made some progress in relation to the performance. And there is in between a wide selection of Magento hosting offers, the price for small shops are likely to be of interest. To clarify the question, how efficiently the offers are really, the Aachen/Hamburg Internet Agency has selected team in medias some deals and subjected to a load test. These were both smaller shops shared hosting offers tested where multiple customers share a server, than four managed server offerings. The test results the agency specialized on Magento to free download has deposited on their Web page: P/Magento/Hosting.html team in medias, is one of the pioneers of Magento in Germany.

The Agency is one of the first Magento-based projects in Germany published in the spring of 2008. This project was based on the version 1.0, which was released on March 31, 2008. Two agency customer projects were awarded at the shop usability awards. team in medias, creates turn-key projects of Magento, Magento modules and takes over the care of existing Magento stores.