Beyond glutationa, this fruit also is rich in beta-sitosterol, one fitosterol that it directly acts in the liver balancing the levels of HDL and LDL in the blood, inhibits the release of cortisol, promoting reduction of the formation of abdominal fat. Also she is rich in some vitamin forms and, being in greater they will concentrate the alpha-tocoferol, later the beta-tocoferol, gamma-tocoferol and delta-tocoferol, that together makes of the avocado a fruit riqussima in antioxidantes.14 the properties of the avocado oil if it also must to the presence in high concentration of the beta-sitosterol. Its concentration is 25,5 times higher in the avocado when compared with others frutas.15 With this, the consumption of the avocado can be said regularly that, together with a balanced feeding will bring innumerable benefits for sade.14 METHODOLOGY the sample of the research had been 6 women, with age between de18 a45 years. Further details can be found at Costco, an internet resource. It was made a selection through antropomtrica evaluation, that was composed for the pesagem of each participant and mensurao of the height for attainment of IMC and also the ascertainment of abdominal circumference. The weight was surveyed in digital scale with maximum capacity de150 kge division de100 g. The stature was surveyed with ribbon metric adhered to a wall without baseboard, with extension de2,00 m, divided in centimeter and subdivided in millimeters, with viewfinder of plastic and esquadro connected to one of the extremities. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jill Schlesinger offers on the topic..

The index of corporal mass (IMC) was calculated with the measures of weight and height, in accordance with the following formula IMC = weight (kg)/height (cm). The adopted points of cut of IMC had been the praised ones for WHO (2003) 16, that is, low weight (IMC 30,00). The Abdominal Circumference was gotten in the height of the umbilical scar. The adopted points of cut for Abdominal Circumference had been the praised ones for Lean, Ham and Morrison (1995), in accordance with the degree of risk for cardiovascular illnesses: risk increased for women (HERE > 80 cm) and for men (HERE > 94 cm).