Naomi Campbell, superb and temperamental, known on the runways as the most brute among his colleagues, who do not lose opportunity to mock openly for their lack of brain, in an environment where this is not extra, was amazed with Chavez in his recent tournee by Venezuela. More dangerous than the actors and models, are filmmakers like Michael Moore, Communist billionaire with appearance of worker who hates his country but would never live in Cuba. The unpleasant fantoche manufactures propaganda by taking advantage of the freedom which would not in any State Socialist anti-American, and generates such aversion against the United States, Osama Bin Laden gladly would give a prize. Steven Spielberg, a man who loves humanity without full and who also made their political film, which tries to be fair and impartial with Islamist fanatics, who murdered Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in one of the most infamous acts of history, is located in another dimension. Never did a crime similar, Olympics, symbol of peace and fraternity among Nations bathed in blood, but for Spielberg nobody was guilty of nothing, they were all victims, and the conflict in the Middle East emerged from the absolute nothing. The problem of the famous in show business, which usually swim in shallow water, want to please everyone, and following the decadent fashion current, today there are leftist, is that they have too much money and that causes them feelings of guilt. Perhaps they believe rightly that they don’t deserve such fortune. His self-destructive inconsistency serves as a support and incentive to the enemies of democracy, who use them to justify their authoritarianism, its bellicosity and his desire for destruction of the system. The Hollywood elite fails to understand that extremists seek to wipe out their way of life, their country and their culture, which also includes his films and their sexy outfits in underwear. original author and source of the article.