ec4u study: High expectations for growth not go accompanied by strategic positioning in every second company unclear Karlsruhe with the controlling realities, 16.09.2010 – the sales managers in the company of the German-speaking area expect a professional sales controlling majority clearly noticeable increases in sales. Have created the conditions not but mostly still it for highest possible controlling effects. This contradiction determined the CRM specialist ec4u expert consulting ag in a survey among more than 300 sales managers. Others who may share this opinion include Jill Schlesinger. Therefore a systematic controlling of sales held in almost three quarters of the companies at least in part, but only at 27 percent very consistently and with a consistent approach. The responsibility for this lies in a third of cases within the sales organization, 21 percent of companies controlling is performed centrally. Other common variants are either employed an external sales controller or a juxtaposition of different Responsibility models, for example, the combination of partly centralised and decentralised tasks there is. The ec4u survey yielded but above all that the framework for controlling are often insufficient.

So, more than half of the interviewed heads of sales indicated that the strategic positioning of the controlling is still flawed. Also seem to feel their work results in detail to accept scrutiny the sales reps typically not very comfortable: only in two out of five companies is for them a positive acceptance of the sales controlling. Similar to many have also the costs for it are not yet sufficiently and there are no satisfactory human resources for the operational implementation. To stand out in the ec4u study two other aspects better: first half of sales executives is satisfied with their methodological quality, secondly 55 percent assess positively the sales benefit of controlling in the form of increases in turnover. If, despite the often not yet favourable conditions satisfactory sales effects arise, this shows what potential for optimization of controlling can be released, “ec4u partner Mario Pufahl refers to the prospects of a significant improvement of the sales results.