But soon spread rumors about opening a permanent exhibition. Now every year about 100 000 people visit the area of former National Socialists, where they receive answers to their questions. Exhibition review is called "Fascination and Violence". Much of the exhibition space – but in general it is 1,300 square meters. m – situated on the third floor of the building of the National Socialists. Author project – Domenig Guenther, a professor from Graz – won the architectural competition in 1998, his deconstructive concept was convincing the opposite of the construction of the National Socialists. He breaks the monumental and austere geometry. Destructive construction of the National Socialists in any way "does not completes.

Insertions and superstructure made Domenigom, keep your distance. Domenig opposes the symmetry of the Nazi building their designs of steel, concrete and glass, are completely deprived of the right corner. The clash of forms of dictatorship and democracy, terrorism and freedom, expressed language of architecture is itself an event. Central "pile" carries not only a symbolic meaning. Gently rising up a few planes bridge opens visitors. Therefore, old and new is strictly delimited. Thus, the new simple concrete floors in all rooms ending in five inches of rough, unfinished brick walls. This permanent exhibition is drawn primarily to the younger generation.

The essence of the exhibition is transmitted using modern media, many station video, audio guides and a clear pictures at 65 pictures and text stands. In 14 chapters, it is a takeoff nsprg (NSDAP), the mass myth and cult of the Fuhrer, "of Nuremberg – the city where the party conventions iii Reich, terror and deprivation of rights, advocacy and reality of World War ii and the Holocaust. In this case, the Nazi building itself already exhibits. "Right still feel the weight of the ceiling and walls, you feel depressed stone burden of history" – writes a weekly newspaper "Dee vohe.