The solution of the problem for all roof and application forms with their expanded product portfolio has its programme of solar collectors converted the Westfa GmbH and greatly widened the range. Thus, the Hagen company offers a solution for every conceivable application. Product range ranges from vacuum tube solar collectors over flat-plate collectors for the in-roof mounting to completely newly designed flat collectors as classic on roof. Innovation Calorio: easily mounted and powerful the on-roof collectors Calorio recorded in the program there are alternatives for high transverse mounting or with two or four ports, what the Assembly was very flexible. The meander-shaped absorber causes along with the operation in the low-flow turbulent flow, resulting in an increase of heat transfer. The memory can be heated faster due to the higher supply temperatures.

A particularly intelligent innovation of this model series is the Westfa plug-in system, without the use of tools the hydraulic connection of the Allows for collectors. The connector is fit and made with high precision. The collectors are simply pushed together on the bracket and secured with a clip. The longitudinal force consistency is ensured by loosening the clamp tool requires. The connectors have three high-temperature resistant O-rings for a permanently reliable sealing. The middle ring ensures the reliable sealing effect compared to the fluid, and is protected by the two outer rings against air. At the same time, the collector-side seal protects against harmful influences of atmosphere, as long as the collectors still not filled are.

The frame construction offers additional advantages. Thanks to flat and kantenloser construction to get a permanently clean collector without restrictions caused by impurities of the aperture area. The minimized edge leads to a higher collector performance in same space on the roof. Made of aluminium profiles Frame construction allows for a variable installation even under changing external loads. There is the option to attach a third lateral rail to adapt to the different demands of snow and wind loads. Thus, the flat plate collector can be used almost everywhere nationwide. Variable use In the course of the new orientation and extension of the offer was analog to the technical changes also a new designation of the products. In roof collectors are now marketed under the name of Integro. The timber frame panels are equipped with laser-welded absorbers and solid surfaces, as well as a clear glass cover. They’re in the mass of 2.5 and 1.25 m2 gross area. As the collectors both over – as also side by side mount collector fields can be made variable. The vacuum tube collectors offered previously under the name VRK operate now under the name Rondo. Equipped with the CPC-mirror technology they are a powerful alternative to flat-plate collectors mainly to heating support. Quality made in Germany to ensure the Westfa know-how produced the collectors exclusively in Germany. To ensure a consistently high quality made in Germany using laser technology and high manufacturing depth produced. This is reflected in the design of the Calorio, which by default has clear glass covers in two variants.