In 1936 the Russian director Leonid Trauberg tells the D.W. Griffith in letter that the Soviet Union absorbed as a sponge the Yankee production of 1919 the 1924. Sergei Eisenstein, V. Pudvquim, Dziga Vertov and others had drunk in the source that gushed out in the New World and had constructed in old the workmanships as ' ' Iv the Terrvel' ' ' ' Couraado Pontionquim' '. In the way of the decade of 20 everybody was boquiaberto, but the sound of the cinema alone would come from there to few years. as everything, was not born of the night for the day and same after give birth, it would find serious resistance. Chaplin, for example, would spend years and years in a conflict whose flag was contrary to the said cinema.

Pulling moviola for the way it century XIX and fixing the date in 1862, we arrive in the certified one of that Cermark was the first one to register the sonorous waves and ten years later W. Donisthorpe the first one to consider the union of image and sound in an only device. The speed of ' ' Coisa' ' she is amazing. While the registers above happened in the Europe, two years later in America Alexander Blake it conquered the photographic plate with sonorous vibration and Charles Fritz the selenium job ' ' for the photographic register of som' '. At last, of the Trajana Column for it celebrates film of Al Jolson are practically 2,000 years. The repercussion and the influence of these entertainments in the minds, hearts and safes are certainly incalculable, being perhaps item safe the only passvel of any calculation, still thus, is of if asking with that objective. The image portraied either in static pictures that if move, either the image with movement and sound so far served for the humanity as picture and auto picture of its history, its action, of lowest and vile to the highest ideals, served to pass the time and to show as the time passes and what it happens in its to elapse, showed villains, enalteceu heroes, changed roles, unmasked occured situations, foresaw others, conceived worlds are daqui and disclosed worlds that nobody wanted to look at or to admit its existence at least, spoke on extinct cultures, on future possibilities, registered exactly to the default what if it passes in the embroidery frames of any situation and transformed into folhetim countless individual and collective dramas.